- An Ancestral Art -

Sébastien Geslin frames are made of wood and gold or silver plated metals.

Inspired by ancestral processes, the manufacture of a frame requires about 250 steps. The frames are crafted entirely by hand: cutting, molding, tightening, sanding, even the hinges are hand crafted.

The woods are exclusively from sustainably managed forests and are worked along the wood grain to reveal their true beauty.

- A remarkable design - 

These objects with an offbeat shape were created for men and women of today: stylish, challenging and wishing to distinguish themselves with subtlety.

Sébastien Geslin is a well known designer in the luxury business with the reputation for being an incubator for creativity!

- Technically unique -

Sebastien Geslin wishes to offer its customers a product that stands out technically.

Indeed, in addition to handcrafting the wood, Sebastien pushes the technical limits of this raw material by adding to its frames:

- Carbon reinforcements


- A new system for the insertion of spectacle lenses


He has also developed a unique adjustment system in the eyewear industry, allowing the glasses to fit perfecty:

-  S-Temp system that allows the head width adjustment...


Only Sébastien Geslin has the secret and mastery of this real craftsmanship, unique in the world.

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