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Joey Eden

Eden model is made of walnut and wavy sycamore maple wood. Between the layers of walnut, in the center, a maple border highlights the contours of the face. The walnut is native to Europe and the sycamore comes from Canada. The temples of this model are made of wood and buffalo horn for comfort. The horn is adjustable by heating it.

This operation must be performed by an optical professional.

The interior of the temples is made of walnut.


The frame and the temples are reinforced with carbon sheets.

All our woods are certified PEFC or FSC and comply with the current regulations.

The hinges and various metal parts of this model are made from silver plated brass.

Limited numbered edition of 99 sets of frames for each model.

Head width adjustment system S-Temp®

The ingenious S-Temp® system allows for a quick adjustment of the head width in order to fit the glasses easily and precisely to each person’s head shape.
By using the two ‘star’ screws on the front panel, you can widen or narrow the space between the arms for optimum support.

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