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- The art and the way -

The Sébastien Geslin workshop imagines and shapes frames by hand from incredible wood: thousand-year-old trees, historical wood worn with time, naturally coloured using an ancestral process and handcrafted into wonderful objects.


These glasses are entirely handmade and numbered in limited series making each one a unique product.

- Comfort and reinforcement -

All our frames are manufactured using a glued and laminated process and reinforced with carbon fibre.


The glue used has been carefully studied and selected according to strict criteria of hygiene, strength and flexibility.


Adjustment systems such as the S-Temp® process are designed to provide comfort and allow the frames to perfectly fit the morphology of its owner.

- the raw material -

The wood sheets used to make Sébastien Geslin frames come from certified wood, issued from eco-managed forests and carefully selected by us.

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